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Welcome to Squanto District! Together we provide Scouting opportunities for the youth of 14 cities and towns: Abington, Avon, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, East Bridgewater, Easton, Holbrook, Randolph, Rockland, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, Weymouth, and Whitman.

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Upcoming Events

District Activities

Event When and where Contact and registration More information
Lion and Tiger Safari and Webelos Woods

September 23, 2017



Fall Camporee: Highland Games

October 20-22, 2017



Webelos Klondike Derby

January 20, 2018



Boy Scout Klondike Derby

January 27, 2018



Merit Badge University (for Boy Scouts)

March 3, 10, and 24, 2018



Pinewood Derby

April 7, 2018

VFW Post 1046, Brockton

Registration will be posted in early 2018

Event chair: Kirsten MacDonald (email)


Spring Camporee (for Boy Scouts): Franken-STEM

May 18-20, 2018



Chuckwagon Derby (for Cub Scouts): Luau

June 2, 2018



Monthly Roundtables

First Wednesday of the month, 7PM at the United Church of Christ, 10 Bedford St., Abington. All adult leaders are welcome to attend and learn about upcoming events, learn new tips and skills, and share ideas with fellow leaders. Every pack, troop, and crew should send at least one representative to the roundtable.

Date Combined topics Cub Scout leader topics Boy Scout leader topics Senior Patrol Leader meeting (quarterly)
September 6, 2017      
October 4      
November 1      
December 6      
January 3, 2018      
February 7      
March 7      
April 4      
May 2      
June 6      


News and Communications

Scouting Units

If your pack, troop, or crew's link is missing from the table below, it just means our search didn't turn up a good working link. We always want the latest information, so if you have a new link, please send it to the interim webmaster to get it added!

City or town Cub Scout packs Boy Scout troops Venturing crews
Abington Pack 41 - American Legion Post 112 Troop 41 - American Legion Post 112 Crew 1940 - Knights of Columbus

Pack 22 - First Congregational Church

Pack 196 - Liberty School

Pack 1496 - Highlands School

Troop 22 - First Congregational Church

Troop 138 - St. Clare Parish


Pack 31 - Knights of Columbus

Pack 35 - Central Square Congregational Church

Pack 88 - Kiwanis Club

Troop 31 - Knights of Columbus

Troop 88 - Kiwanis Club


Pack 1 - St. Edith Stein Parish

Pack 117 - Christ the King Parish

Pack 143 - Roosevelt Heights

Pack 2000 - Pearl St. Methodist Church

Pack 7216 - Community Schools

Troop 1 - St. Edith Stein Parish

Troop 17 - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Troop 143 - Roosevelt Heights

Troop 1046-  VFW Post 1046

Troop 2000 - Pearl St. Methodist Church

Crew 1 - St. Edith Stein Parish
East Bridgewater Pack 28 - American Legion Post #91

Troop 29 - Union Congregational Church

Troop 32 - United Methodist Church

Crew 29 - Union Congregational Church

Pack 76 - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Pack 193 - Holy Cross Parish

Troop 42 - Covenant Congregational Church

Troop 193 - Immaculate Conception Church

Crew 42 - Covenant Congregational Church
Holbrook Pack 56 - St. John's Episcopal Church

Troop 56 - Winthrop Congregational Church

Troop 153 - St. Joseph Parish

Randolph Pack 36 - First Baptist Church Troop 47 - First Baptist Church  

Pack 2 - VFW Post 1788

Pack 12 - Trinity Episcopal Church 

Troop 57 - VFW Post 1788

Troop 113 - Trinity Episcopal Church


Pack 8 - First Congregational Church

Pack 24 - Trinity Episcopal Church

Troop 88 - Trinity Episcopal Church

Troop 516 - First Methodist Church

West Bridgewater

Pack 23 - Lions Club

Pack 1847 - LDS Church

Troop 25 - St. Ann's Parish

Troop 1830 - LDS Church

Crew 23 - First Church

Pack 2 - Weymouth Heights Club

Pack 9 - Pond Plain Association

Pack 19 - Sacred Heart Parish

Pack 87 - Old South Union Church

Pack 303 - St. Jerome Parish

Troop 2 - Weymouth Heights Club

Troop 9 - Pond Plain Association

Troop 19 - Sacred Heart Parish

Troop 92 - St. Albert the Great Parish

Crew 16 - Friends of Weymouth Landing

Pack 22 - Church of the Holy Ghost

Pack 59 - First Congregational Church

Troop 22 - Church of the Holy Ghost

Troop 59 - First Congregational Church

Crew 22 - Church of the Holy Ghost
Neighboring communities Pack 20 - LDS South Coast Ward, Dartmouth

Troop 20 - LDS South Coast Ward, Dartmouth

Troop 54 - Jewish Community Centre, Sharon


District Contacts

"Key Three"

District Chair

Michael Stecker


I lead our volunteer district committee and oversee finance, recruiting volunteers, and more. In my day job, I'm an interventional radiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
District Commissioner

Jim McKnight


I lead a team of commissioners who provide unit service with resources to help packs, troops, and crews. Commissioners serve as liaisons between units and the district and council. In my day job, I'm a mechanical test engineer.
District Executive

Gary Silvia


I'm a professional Scouter providing support to our district. My job is to help all our units and work with community leaders and chartered partners. I work at the council service center and can be your resource for tricky questions and more.

District Committee Key Volunteers

More information and photos coming later this spring.


Daniel Toy



Mark Jennings


I help to coordinate the Life-to-Eagle process, and Eagle boards of review. I also provide assistance with advancement procedures and recordkeeping, and I'm our liaison to the council advancement committee.

Chris Schultz


Civic Service

Louise Goodwin



Mike Rhenow


Order of the Arrow (OA) Chapter Advisor

Steve Fagan



Gene Avrus


Religious Emblems Program

Kate Anderson



Chris Lamie


I help to set up and publicize training opportunities and provide information about training requirements, recordkeeping, and awards. Every Scout deserves a trained leader! In my day job, I'm a scientist and project manager for an environmental consulting firm.

Jason Eldridge


District Committee Member

Rich Carlson


In addition to helping out on the district committee, I'm currently the Vice Chair of Program for Old Colony Council, and the Summer Camp Director at Camp Squanto.
District Committee Member

Laurie Cirignano


District Committee Member

Mandy Lyons


I help with training and a variety of district activities. Outside of Scouting, I'm an art teacher and preschool teacher.
District Committee Member

Frank Ray


I help to coordinate and teach training courses, help to promote Venturing, and assist with a variety of other events. 

Commissioner Corps

Assistant District Commissioner / Tools Champion

Hank Goldman


I'm the Unit Commissioner for Pack 19, Pack 303, and Troop 19 in Weymouth. As the Tools Champion, I help units throughout our district use the many recordkeeping features of my.scouting.org.
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Beverly LeVine


I set up topics and activities for the monthly roundtable for Cub Scout leaders. Please contact me if you have suggested topics! I'm also the Unit Commissioner for Pack 41 in Abington and Pack 12 in Rockland.
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Bill Stuart


I set up topics and activities for the monthly roundtable for Boy Scout leaders. Please contact me if you have suggested topics! 
Unit Commissioner

Steve Baker


I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 56, Troop 56, and Troop 153 in Holbrook.
Unit Commissioner

Natalee Dantuono


  I'm the unit commissioner for Packs 22, 196, and 1496 in Braintree.
Unit Commissioner

John Fink


I'm the unit commissioner for Troop 17, Pack 117, Troop 143, Pack 2000, and Troop 2000 in Brockton; and Pack 24, Troop 88, and Troop 516 in Stoughton.
Unit Commissioner

Wayne Goodwin


I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 117 in Brockton.
Unit Commissioner

Will Foshey


  I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 2, Troop 57, and Troop 113 in Rockland; and Pack 59 and Troop 59 in Whitman
Unit Commissioner

Kevin Kourtz


  I'm the unit commissioner for Troop 31 and Troop 88 in Bridgewater; Troop 29, Crew 29, and Troop 32 in East Bridgewater; and Crew 23, Troop 25, and Troop 1830 in West Bridgewater.
Unit Commissioner

Wally Larosee


  I'm the unit commissioner for Troop 22 and Troop 138 in Braintree; and Troop 2 and Troop 92 in Weymouth.
Unit Commissioner

Joe McKay


  I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 9, Troop 9, and Pack 87 in Weymouth.
Unit Commissioner

Rob Lyons


I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 1, Troop 1, and Crew 1 in Brockton.
Unit Commissioner Fred Wickles   I'm the unit commissioner for Pack 36 and Troop 47 in Randolph.

 Upcoming Events

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